The perfect equation that characterizes the idyllic D-Land44, which is located on the wonderful beach of Mikros Simos in Elafonissos, just a few kilometers away from its port. The visitor feels that he is stepping on an “exotic” island and enjoys the magic of the landscape as its natural beauty fascinates since it is literally on the sand surrounded by turquoise waters.

The sun, sand and blue waters take you on a journey while enjoying a morning coffee or a meal or a great cocktail in the company of the sunset or under the light of the moon. The impeccable service, the upgraded level of care, cleanliness and of course the excellent environment with its special aesthetics are our characteristic elements.

Each year,
hosts thousands of tourists worldwide.

The D-Land 44
is based at the organized beach of Mikros Simos.
It is one of the most important tourist and not only destinations of Elafonisos
as it is only a few kilometers away from its port.
The wonderful natural scenery, combined with the impeccable service,
make D-Land 44 one of the most attractive venues for
bath, food, delicious cocktails.
Easily accessible for an escape from everyday life.
It has free parking and is located right on the beach of Mikros Simos.